Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I desire the consuming fire that will lead my prayers to be directed at my God. I desire this fire that the world cannot explain. I desire the passion that will bring me to my face between my knees. The passion that I cannot obtain or hold in. I refuse to sit with uncalloused knees. To stand with the words being recited from my mind. But to worship my Lord with the Spirit of Truth. I will not have the heart of an uninvolved, undevoted, indifferent pretender. I desire a life that is encompassed with the sweet fellowship of Jesus and is solid in my trust in Him. I want to hit my broken and bruised knees when the sun rises and sit at the feet of my Savior. I want the Holy Spirit to be overflowing in me and interceding- for I am at a lost of what to say. For no person is greater than the prayer life in whcih he posses- when we are not praying we are straying. When we are straying we are not pursing the holiest relationship we could obtain. Our praying needs to be that of God's servant and chosen prophet Elijah. A man who was just like us- but is an example of a payer life that pressed and pursued. That had an abundant energy that never grows weary and a persistence that has an encouraging fixation upon the Lord.

So I have to ask my broken and straying heart to humble itself and enter in. I have to put my life away and focus on the Giver of all things. For I know who I am and whose I am. I must go in and expect to be blessed and given hope. I desire to have the markings and evidence of to whom I belong.

I leave with passion.

"The call of the cross, therefore, is to enter into the passion of Christ.
We must have upon us the mark of the nails." Gordon Watt