Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I want..

To still have adventures

To discover new things everyday

To be reminded of who Im living for on a minute-by-minute basis

To try and understand the irrevocable grace of Jesus

To be swept off my feet

To be surprised and jump into his arms

To go to Ireland, New Zealand, and Boston in the Fall

To write more

To be known for something

To make a change

To sit on a porch in our Rocking chairs with grey hair and talk about nothing in particular

To pay off my car early

To not settle

To not settle down too soon

To always be curious

To fully trust His plan

To have some babies and love them like my parents loved me

To get in shape

To stop making excuses

To make my friendships lasting ones

To never wear a mumu and own 50 cats

To pay my parents back for all the plane tickets

To stop thinking so much about myself

To always bleed Garnet and Gold… no matter what

To go skydiving

To live fearlessly

To live somewhere with seasons (And “humid” and “not so humid” doesn’t count)

And the list goes on….


Watch this. Im a proud sister:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

should I?

I havent posted anything in almost a month. Partly casue I really can't think of anything to write about. Even when I quiet down and have a few hours to hash out my thoughts- nothing comes.
The result of that is a few possible causes:

1. My life is boring
2. I'm not near as observant as I use to be and my creative/soap oprea/lifetime movie brain is not working as much.
3. I have a brain tumor in the middle of my head.  As it grows slowly, working its way from the inside out, it is taking over the capactiy in my skull. As a result, all my creative juices are being obsorbed and my brain will eventually become a dried prune. (I think this proves, that this one is not valid)
4. (and the most likely) I need to clean out my attic. The cobwebs are collecting in the corners and over taking the memrobelia and extra floor space. I need to get my broom out and clean out the dust mites.

Maybe the fire will be lit again. As for now- I got this:

June 8th the new Hanson album comes out. Im not ashamed to say Im excited. (jonas brothers: you only wish you were as cool as hanson)

I turn 22 tomorrow. that sounds so "adult"ish

I had a revelation, but am not sure I want the blog world to know that corner of my life. (no offense)
But be comforted- its possible.

Check out them please: VERA

Need new worship music? dont we all.
I can promise you these will be played for the next 5 years in chruch:

Blogs are cooler with pictures so here is one I love of me and Jamie from her wedding:

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh How He Loves Us

        Its been a few days and I am still not caught up on my sleep. Is that even a possibility? I doubt it. But as my clock ticks to the dreaded hour of 3:00 and my eyes start to burn and the reminder of how the warmth of my comfy bed haunts my thoughts I am reminded of why I am so exhausted:

    This past weekend we had our annual spring youth CRosSWILD retreat in Panama City Beach and once again, it was freakin awesome! The biggest one yet (casue we will grow!), nearly 200 Jr. and Sr. High students from the Tallahassee area, along with roughly 40 leaders, were asked to think. Think about what you are projecting and what your reflecting.

Majority of the time we project what we want others to see. We come off as tough, yet we are hurting more then anyone. We seem to be happy and go-lucky, yet we are falling into the darkness of solitude.

What we all nee to ask is, am I reflecting that of the love that I obtain through Jesus Christ?

    To know that we are all sinners that were made in the image of Christ. That through Grace, we are worthy of reflecting His image in our lives. God does not make junk, and we are His craftsmanship- choosen.
   This is my 3rd CRosSWILD camp that I have been involved in and even though it is put on for our youth groups, I think I speak for every leader involved, that we are just as blessed as any student. To witness 200 students cover the beach on Saturday morning, bibles out and starting their day off with personal time with Jesus. To sit back and listen on Saturday night as the band had to scream because everyone was singing so loud that they couldn’t hear themselves. To watch as this generation is being ignited to start a revolution and to be awakened to the possibility of God desiring to use them. To realize how proud I am of my brothers, my parents and friends. To stand in awe at what God is doing in this city, among these people and how humbled I am to have any part of it.