Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I want..

To still have adventures

To discover new things everyday

To be reminded of who Im living for on a minute-by-minute basis

To try and understand the irrevocable grace of Jesus

To be swept off my feet

To be surprised and jump into his arms

To go to Ireland, New Zealand, and Boston in the Fall

To write more

To be known for something

To make a change

To sit on a porch in our Rocking chairs with grey hair and talk about nothing in particular

To pay off my car early

To not settle

To not settle down too soon

To always be curious

To fully trust His plan

To have some babies and love them like my parents loved me

To get in shape

To stop making excuses

To make my friendships lasting ones

To never wear a mumu and own 50 cats

To pay my parents back for all the plane tickets

To stop thinking so much about myself

To always bleed Garnet and Gold… no matter what

To go skydiving

To live fearlessly

To live somewhere with seasons (And “humid” and “not so humid” doesn’t count)

And the list goes on….


  1. You have a way with words and I always enjoy reading your posts...though I rarely tell you..so, here it is!

  2. you know where has seasons, northern california... just sayin' ;)