Thursday, October 22, 2009

Draw near

“...for I will not leave you until I have done what I have spoken to you.”
Genesis 28:15

The leaves change, the flowers bloom and our lives continue on. Just as the season change in our world, our lives are ever changing and constant. The anticipation for the coming fall or bloom is always around a corner as we often eagerly look ahead. I am constantly having to remind myself that I am in a time of preparation. I have been brought here to this place, on this path, cause I am to be be rooted. When the time comes I will be ready, but right now I am to be prepared. I am brought here to listen, to watch, to captivate and to draw near. As the next season approaches it will be in perfect timing. His timing. I am here cause He is not done. I may be justified, but I am not sanctified. My sanctification can only come through the willing act to abandon control and abide. I have no control over my justification- for His mercies are new every morning. My glorification is only going to be obtained when I enter in His presence. But my sanctification? That is a choice I have right now. I must stop, shut up, and let go. I must let the power that He had to conquer death, be the residing influence in me.
For He has spoken.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Lately... I have finally gotten my room to where I think it will be my new home (for now).

Lately... I broke my leg. Well actaully it happened about a month ago and i just found out about it. Typical Laura Colle fashion.

Lately... Ive been feeling restless. I cant stop twitching and trying to find that scratch that I cant itch. But what is it? Im involved. I read. I pray. I try and get out of the way so He can do His thing. Yet here I am. Running in place.

Lately... I have been thinking a lot about the here after. (maybe thats why im restless) I know I dont belong here. I know no one does. Yet the urgency to bow to my face and stand in awe had grown beyond my own comprehension.

Lately... I have been wanting to write even more than usual. But about what?

Lately... I have been wanting to just go. Anywhere. Just to get in the car and drive. Roadtrip anyone?

Lately... I have been wanting to take more pictures.

Lately... I have been loving these two more and more.

Lately... I have been needing a hobby. Im not crafty, am a cripple at the moment and am poor. So much for a hobby.

Lately... I have been wanting to bake every free second I can. Maybe this weekend I can accomplish some of those favortie recipies.

Lately.... I think too much. Wait. That is always the case.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Turn the Corner

I turn the corner as the rocks prick my feet before I take another step. I open my eyes and realize I am looking down. I know my face should be looking up, yet I am hesitant to rise. The stoney pathway and the pain stare back at me and my heart twist in pain. The deception, the lies, the sin that caused this broken road. I feel the warmth rushed over me as the strength fills my body. I raise my head and see the endless road laid before me. I can see just enough for my own comfort, yet the curiosity is always growing. The trees and haze block me from seeing too far ahead as I continue to walk forward. The pain becomes sharper as the bottoms of my bare feet continue to become calloused. I cry out for something, anything to get through this. Will there ever be an end to this shattered dream?

I feel a hand slip into mine. With such grace it takes hold of my shaking feeble fist as mine relaxes in His. The gentle squeeze reminds me He is there, and always has been. The comfort of peace washes over my heart and I realize I was holding my breath. My shoulders fall and the tension eases. I feel the pain subside and I glance down. The rocks are fewer and far between. My feet are soft again as the sand cushions my toes.

I notice a turn in the path that is not too far away. What will this corner behold?


“Thinking time is not wasted time”
-Madeline L’Engle

My mind continues to boggle itself, as I feel the twist and turns of each rampant thought. Why my mind never seems to slow down is unknown to me. I am constantly thinking, over thinking and dreaming. But maybe that's who I am. Maybe I am a dreamer.
I have known I tend to dream big (and probably unrealistic) for some time know. I have known that what my hearts longs to do and the dreams I desire to see in reality are abundant. And because of my constant contemplating of what might happen, I more than often wonder what really will come to reality. What will my story be?

Perhaps it is a selfish way of thinking, but if we are honest we all do it on a everyday basis. One of the biggest qualms between man and God is the plan that lays before us. The plan that we do not see and have no idea where it is ending, other than the eternity we choose. Where is my path leading? Is that a turn or twist? Where are the bumps and valleys?

Where is Laura Jean Colle going to end up?

What is my story?