Monday, October 5, 2009


“Thinking time is not wasted time”
-Madeline L’Engle

My mind continues to boggle itself, as I feel the twist and turns of each rampant thought. Why my mind never seems to slow down is unknown to me. I am constantly thinking, over thinking and dreaming. But maybe that's who I am. Maybe I am a dreamer.
I have known I tend to dream big (and probably unrealistic) for some time know. I have known that what my hearts longs to do and the dreams I desire to see in reality are abundant. And because of my constant contemplating of what might happen, I more than often wonder what really will come to reality. What will my story be?

Perhaps it is a selfish way of thinking, but if we are honest we all do it on a everyday basis. One of the biggest qualms between man and God is the plan that lays before us. The plan that we do not see and have no idea where it is ending, other than the eternity we choose. Where is my path leading? Is that a turn or twist? Where are the bumps and valleys?

Where is Laura Jean Colle going to end up?

What is my story?

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