Thursday, October 15, 2009


Lately... I have finally gotten my room to where I think it will be my new home (for now).

Lately... I broke my leg. Well actaully it happened about a month ago and i just found out about it. Typical Laura Colle fashion.

Lately... Ive been feeling restless. I cant stop twitching and trying to find that scratch that I cant itch. But what is it? Im involved. I read. I pray. I try and get out of the way so He can do His thing. Yet here I am. Running in place.

Lately... I have been thinking a lot about the here after. (maybe thats why im restless) I know I dont belong here. I know no one does. Yet the urgency to bow to my face and stand in awe had grown beyond my own comprehension.

Lately... I have been wanting to write even more than usual. But about what?

Lately... I have been wanting to just go. Anywhere. Just to get in the car and drive. Roadtrip anyone?

Lately... I have been wanting to take more pictures.

Lately... I have been loving these two more and more.

Lately... I have been needing a hobby. Im not crafty, am a cripple at the moment and am poor. So much for a hobby.

Lately... I have been wanting to bake every free second I can. Maybe this weekend I can accomplish some of those favortie recipies.

Lately.... I think too much. Wait. That is always the case.


  1. Pretty much everything in this is exactly how i have been feeling for a long time. Glad to know im not alone, but wish i could help too. I'll pray for you though, it's the only help I have to offer.

  2. I can help you kill 2 birds w/ one stone. Come visit Tampa (roadtrip) and I LOVE to bake! (been wanting to bake pies lately and experiment w/ cake decorating) :)