Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Time has passed

I haven't posted anything in almost a month. Kinda crazy and ridiculous, but there are many factors that play into that. One is I have been ridiculously busy, and the other is I havent sat down and written anything in a long time. I want to. Part of me wonders why, but then the that clostorphobic feeling in my brain and chest starts to accumulate and I know its becasue I need some creative outlet. I can think up of numerous excuses, but the fact is I am just lazy about it. I have heard that you are to make yourself write everyday. EVERDAY. And I used to- really. But somewhere in the recent months the unction has seemed to fail me and my pen.

  As a result, last night I had emailed myself and it said "Before anything, write something." So I wrote my friend Melanie a letter. Then I didnt want to stop. So I kept reading and writing.

Maybe one day soon it will grace the pages of this once updated means of communication.

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