Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Think eternal

(from Leonard Ravenhill's "When Revival Tarries")
There are 9 million refuges in Korea, homeless and starving.
There are millions in India that sit in darkness and the shadows of
spiritual and physical death haunt them.
There are 1 million Arab refuges that roam the Middle East.
There are 11 million "displaced persons" in Europe who have no where to go.
There are 1/3 million escapes in communist China living in
squatters' huts through out Hong Kong.
There are 15 million Jews who don't realize that their freedom is
just beyond the wall that stops them.
There are 315 million Muslims.
There are 355 million Confucians and Taoists.
There are 255 million Hindus.
There are 90 million Shintoists.

And Millions more....

Who is ready for a Revival?

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