Monday, June 7, 2010


Lord help me to remember this person:

"I desire the consuming fire tht will lead my prayers to directed at my God. I desire this fire that the world cannot explain. I desire the passion that will bring me to my face between my knees. The passion that I cannot obtain. I refuse to sit with uncallused knees. To stand with the words being recited from my mind. I will not have the heart of an uninvovled, undevoted, indifferent pretender. I desire a life that is ecompassed with the sweet fellowship of Jesus and is solid in my stand, with my trust in Him. I want to hit my broken and bruised knees every morning when I sit at the feet of my Savior. I want the Holy Spirit to be overflowing in me and interceding- for I am lost at what to pray. For no person is greater then the prayer life in which he posses- when we are not praying we are straying. When we are straying, we are not pursuing the holiest relationship we could obtain with our Creator. Our praying needs to be that of God's servant Elijah. A man who was just like us- an example of a prayer life that was pressed and pursued. That had an abundant energy that never grows weary and a presistence that has an encouraging fixation upon our Lord."
Originally written in Spring 2008


  1. Hi Laura :) You don't know me, but I know Keely Smith. A few years ago I struggled spiritually and I wondered if my words meant anything to anyone but me. She gave me your post site. I don't creepy check it, but sometimes, when I need a reminder that there are real people who love God, but heaven is realer, I check in :) So, I just wanted to thank you, for who you are and who you stand for. That girl? That you lost in 2008? She's still there. It's like a bad vacation, where you learned a lot about yourself, but you don't wanna repeat it. Go back to Papa's lap :) The Holy Spirit will come..

  2. You can "creepy stalk" me anytime! I do it to so many people and their blogs! lol