Wednesday, March 7, 2012



It was too tight. It was itchy and if I really wanted to, I could open my eyes and see through the blindfold. I was there, squirming in the dark not sure what to do. So I sat in the cold folding chair and just tried to listen. I wasn't the only one in the room with a blindfold on. I was surrounded by over 200 people, lost in the darkness that was everywhere. But as I sat there I tried to quiet my mind and just listen. The worship music had started and one by one I could hear the voices rising. As my chest rose over and over, allowing the deep breaths to fill my lungs, I could feel the tension in my shoulders escaping. I knew why You had me here, why You had every one of us here. Sometimes it takes getting in the darkness to see the power of You and to listen. With this fabric over my eyes I gained the opportunity to block everything out. You wanted my attention, like You have wanted all along.

The deep breathes continue to help me feel. I pull the blindfold a little tighter and took another deep breath. 

See more photos here: CRosSWILD 

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