Sunday, September 28, 2008

Be Still

“Be still and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! The Lord of  hosts is with us, the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.”  Psalm 45:10

Be still. That is something I don’t think I will ever fully understand the concept of. With things starting to pick up and get busier here at the school- I am having a harder time to just sit with the Lord and be still. Being still in my mind. Being still in my heart. Being still in my spirit. To just be still and recognize that He is my Lord. 

This past week we have been bust getting everything ready and put together for the up coming months. On monday we are heading to the Bible College campus in Austria- spending a week there in what we call “Speakers Week.”  It is basically a time where we, as one body, can go and get away from the what we have grown accustomed to in our little Italian bubble. Were we can go, be together with no distractions, be in a  beautiful castle (yes, a castle) and to be still before the Lord. While we are there, we will be brought into a time of quiet solitude in our spirits so we can be refreshed and rejuvenated. Dang, I am looking forward to that.

“Don’t screw up the present cause you are dwelling on the future or the past”  -Jay Colle

Sometimes having a writer as a dad can be very annoying. They always come up with these catching one liners that convict you to the core of your gut. I was needing to be still this past week. My mind, my rampid thoughts were not calming down and the Lifetime movie in my head was beginning to get more like a bad soap opera. I was venting to my dad over an afternoon skype chat and he when he sent that I think I actually said “ouch” out loud. But conviction is suppose to hurt our flesh and our pride. This past week- my flesh was strong, my spirit was willing, and I was weak. But thankfully- “The Lord of hosts is with us, the God of Jacob is our refuge” and we can stand strong in His faithfulness. We can stand against the fiery darts of the evil one- cause the Lord is our armor. 

Pray for an amazing week in Austria- that the Lord would speak and the Holy Spirit would be poured upon our lives.

P.S. Need to mention one more thing: We have our “Outreach Week” 2 weeks after we get back from Austria (Oct. 11-18). Me, along with the guy intern and 6 students, are going to Norway. More to come on that later....


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