Monday, March 9, 2009


“What drives you?”
It was the question that surrounded the weekend as the second annual CRosSWILD spring retreat took place. A few sets of brave parents and roughly 40 college-age leaders decided to embark on this adventure: taking nearly 200 youth kids to the beach for 3 days. For us leaders, I think I speak for all when I say our lives revolve around these youth groups. The whole weekend was focused on wanting our kids (cause yes, we love them as our own) to see Jesus come alive and too come to the realization that He needs to be your driving force. Our prayer was that, if anything, we wanted them to leave that weekend with a new sense of purpose. That the reason they get up in the morning was not to see their friends, or to go to school to make sure they got into the best colleges, or to try to be accepted according to the world. But the driving force, the thing that gave them a hope, peace and a future was their love and relationship with Jesus Christ. We wanted them to have the burning question: But what drives you?

Through out the weekend I was amazed of how much joy filled me as I looked around the room. One of the my favori
te things to do sometimes when I am in a worship service, is just take a look around and listen. As I was scanning the room I saw hands lifted up in the air, voices singing to the Lord as they were praising Him. Students from 6th grade to people in their 20s were letting go of everything and realizing that Jesus needs to be Lord in their lives, and they were letting Him. That image and sounds will forever be in my mind. They were realizing and remembering that a radical change is needed. That the revolution needs to continue.

I realized how much of a miracle all of this is. Its not very common that you find 40 people in the mid 20’s who are completely sold out for Jesus, each other, their ministries and the purpose of what God has put in front of them. I realized how blessed I am that I have 2 brothers and a future sister that I love and get along with, who want to serve Jesus. I realized how blessed I am that I am surrounded by some of my best girlfriends that love each other and support each other no matter what. I realized how blessed I am that I can do what I love to do with my friends, with my family and with the knowledge that the Lord is using all of us to glorify His name. The strand of Jesus Christ that binds all of us together is stronger than any other and brings a trust and respect that you will find no where else. The all consuming fire that is burning in us is lit. We desire to see the generation ignite.

Drive us to You.
Let the Revolution continue.
Ignite our generation.

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  1. Very encouraging Laura! Keep running for Jesus! This post has surely ignited a passion in my heart. God is SO good!

    I've missed your posts :) great way to come back.