Monday, February 15, 2010

G-free FGT

A few posts ago, I mentioned one of my favorite movies that I can watch over and over again: Fried Green Tomatoes. I believe it caused my southern roots to come to the surface cause all week I had been craving and plotting how I could have some of the fried goodness. But I had one obstacle: they needed to be gluten free.

I started to come up with a recipie in my head. (I have this thing about copying recipies- somethimes I like to just try it from my head first before I google it) I figured how hard could it be, its like making fried chicken only with tomatoes...right?

Let's see what happened:

I was taught how to make fried chicken by my Grandmother Davis oh so many years ago, and I knew the basics:

Oil. Flour. Corn meal. Milk. Eggs. Seasoning.
and this time: Green tomatoes.

I have never cooked with green tomatoes before- so this whole thing was a bit of an experiment. One of the things I learned: cook them the day you buy them. I purchased mine 2 days prior and if they are too ripe they dont hold together.

I got my assembly line ready! My egg and milk mixture:and my gluten free all purpose flour mixed in with corn meal and some salt and pepper:

First the wet and then the dry. My mom taught me the "2 finger" trick- that way you whole hand doesn't get to be a mess.
Once the oil is hot enough (you can test it by dropping a bit of the dry mix in and if it "dances" the oil is ready)
Fry until golden brown!

They were pretty tasty!

Tips for next time:
1. tomatoes too ripe- not all of them held together
2. cut them in between tin and thick. Too thin-its just fried batter. Too thick-they dont fry well.
3. more seasoning (maybe garlic powder or some spices)
4. dont eat alone :)

** Ever wonder how to get rid of hot oil? Cant put it down the drain (iI dont have a disposal for one thing) and the trash can is a no go. If you have roses- apparently they like hot oil. If not, let it sit in a tin can unitl it solidifies. Then pitch it!


  1. you KNOW I live 2 miles away and could be your taste tester :) Not a huge tomamto fan but I wonder how that batter would taste on eggplant?

  2. i know how to make the best fried eggplant fingers.

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  4. (Oops, that last post wasn't from Jana. It was me--I was helping out her blog.)

    I said:

    Awesome! Is the "G-Free" for allergies or celiac?