Monday, May 17, 2010

True Story

Me and Allie were meeting for lunch today and as I made my way over to the drink machine to fill up my shot glass size of water (ridiculous- why can’t it be a normal cup?), my eye caught something tall, dark and handsome by the window. Dressed in red plaid with cut off jorts, the scruff that covered his face all added up to something that made my heart beat faster. There was an empty table right in front of where he was sitting so I casually made a b-line for the open spot. Just so happened to sit right in front of his line of sight. *wink wink* We kept making eye contact through out lunch- also noticing he prayed before his meal. He was with an elderly gentleman who just so happened to be wearing converse (which I thought was extra cool). They got up and moved to sit behind us at a booth and an elderly woman sat down next to them, they took pictures and had some light conversation.
Allie popped up and said “you should go talk to him”
“Who?” as I played dumb.
“They guy you have been eye flirting with since we sat down. He is cute and just your type.”

We continued to laugh about it, knowing I would never have the guts to go up to some random dude I have never seen or met and say hello.

We left and all I can think about are those blue eyes.

I am such a girl.


  1. WHAT???? You should have at least dropped a napkin by his foot w/ your name and number!

  2. I agree with Paige...sounds like something from a story. Maybe you should frequent that place (or nursing homes, maybe thats where he got the old people, according to my brother, old people are chick magnets) to look for this man again!

  3. This is so sweet! It definitely does sound like something from a story. You ARE such a girl, and I simply love it! :) Thanks for posting this adorableness.