Thursday, August 19, 2010


     My love of images started young. I got my first big girl camera when I was at the young age of 11. It was under the Christmas tree and I was oblivious to the eye that would develop from that one gift. My parents were wise (as usual) and decided to give me my dads old 35mm camera from college. To them, it might have been more of a financial stick that caused it, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I learned how to place the new roll of film in the back of the case and turn the nob just so,waiting for the clicking sound to tell me it was ready to go. I learned that manual focus is tricky and sometimes its necessary to get in uncomfortable positions to capture the perfect image. Overall, I was pretty terrible, but I loved it. I would walk around our neighborhood, barefoot and wide-eyed, taking pictures of strangers gardens and any bug or creature I could find. Through high school and college my active pursuit came and went, but the eye was always there. Taking mental pictures in my mind and having crazy ideas of what would be if I had a willing friend and a camera at my side.

All that to say, 11 years after my first taste, I am still that barefoot, wide-eyed girl who looks for possible moments captured. I guess somethings are always there.

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