Thursday, October 7, 2010


I am obsessed with this TV show that is about the life of King Henry VIII, and I have watched so much of it lately I even read my bible with a British Accent. It is pretty terrible and most likely a sign I showed take a few steps back.

However, as I was lying in my bed the other night, consumed in my down comforter and enjoying this new found weather, I was being taken into the world on 1534.  After being given a divorce from the King and of all the life that she has known, Queen Catherine was asked if she was happy (by the oh so attractive Charles Brandon I might add). Her response was something that sparked thought and provoked a timeless image.

"If I had to decide between forever happy or forever sad, I would pick forever sad. For when we are happy we have no obvious need for God. But when we are sad, He is all we cling to." 

Obviously with her eloquent speech it came across much more profound. Yet, even still in my southern twang, it reminds me that even in the mountain tops we must continually seek Him. Even in the deserted valleys we must continually draw near.


  1. You speak in a British accent when you're trying to sound like youre from Jersey too...

  2. Whenever Todd tries any kind of accent it comes out Australian. :)