Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have a list of things I have contemplated doing in my life and have yet to have the guts to do it.

1. Participate in the Amazing Race. My love of travel, adventure and "heck why not?" would all be accomplished in this one task.

2. Open my own non-profit coffee shop. We would have pie, good coffee (emphasis on the good) and tons of books. You could get lost in the adventures of Tolkien or be provoked in the thoughts of Tozer. All the while enjoying a warm piece of a homemade american staple, and a cup of black crack. Meanwhile, you can rest easy knowing all the profits will go to the better good of eternity.

3. Skydiving. My mother would shoot me. My father would encourage me. My best friend wants to go with me.

4. write more. I don't think or know if anyone would really read any of it. But it clears my head when needed.


  1. You know, that used to be one of my biggest fears - that no one would read or care to read what I wrote. But, I will always love to read whatever you write even if I'm the only one!! That's what friends, and sisters in Christ, are for, right?

  2. have you ever looked at The World Race, a missions organization that travels for a year, going to one place per month. Just a thought. I did a story on a guy who did it. theworldrace.org

    Aunt Krista

  3. Laura,I have always wanted to have a coffeeshop as well, a Christian one at that, a place where you can have book to read and sip a large mochalatte!! Ah, one of these days!