Monday, December 20, 2010

Its been awhile

I am really looking forward to tonight. Lots of girls, sugar, and carbs. It will be a fun time and I cant wait for 5:00 to get here so I get ready for it! As I was getting myself physched today, I came upon a few memories of 3 girls that have been around for quiet awhile. Mostly since freshman year of High school, with one exception of the caroline/laura combo of 22 years. 

Enjoy memory lane.

I dont remember when this was taken, however, as you will see, this is a common "pose" for us. 

 NYE 06?

 The Tree house (almost as good as the rooftop)

 We look a tad bit different I would say?

One of my favorite pictures. The week before I left for California at my going away party. 
I still have it framed.

Prom 2006

I LOVE this more than my heart can tell

 Can't wait for tonight 

Then you have these ladies that will be there tonight too!
Oh I am so excited!

2 years ago?

bahahaha that was fun. 

In California!

Peru 2004!

 Peru 2004!

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  1. the first one is from Caroline's surprise 19th @ Sharkey St! :)

    these are some seriously happy memories!