Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Wonder Land (on a budget)

This past weekend was filled with all things Christmas and it was wonderful! Me and my roommate were aiming for the classy rustic look of things this year in our house, and I think it came together nicely! We had a budget and when you have limited resources, you tend to get creative. As a result, we like to make things if we can. As a result a lot of hot glue, spray paint and traces of glitter were left to clean up. Our friend Caroline came and joined us for a little while too and enjoyed the hot apple cider. To top things off, its finally cold in the sunshine state!

Here are a few pictures of the results of all our hard work. Enjoy!

This is the full picture of the mantel.

I made the wreath with a wire wreath frame, craft paper and coffee filters. 
Took me about 45 minutes to an hour.

My roommate had the idea of sticks and both of us, for whatever reason, thought they would lay flatter, so if anyone wants any chrome sticks we have some extra. (also, sorry neighbors, our yard is now silver). 
We then bought some cranberry sticks at Joann's for only a dollar each! 

Dont have a working fireplace? Its ok!
 Put some christmas lights in with the wood

I made these as well. They are actually magazines that I folded, spray painted black and then put glitter all over them.  

At the top of the stairs we hung these ornaments from the ceiling. Don't touch! They will fall! :)

Our little tree is just perfect! With our paper chain, homemade ornaments and pinecones it really makes it feel like christmas.

Outside we have out fresh garland around the door

Hope you have a merry Christmas!


  1. Awesome job, ladies. And I will still come by and see it in person...

  2. Love it! And just so everyone knows I worked hard at folding about 100 pages of one of those magazine trees ;)
    Seriously, it's looks beautiful! I love how the wreath came together and need to see these hanging balls in person!

  3. LOVE it ALL!!! looks great, and such cute ideas!!

  4. Awww I love it!!! YOu girls did a great job!

  5. Aw Laura it looks so good! I am jealous :)

  6. Wow...can you come to my house and do some decorating? I don't have the time!