Thursday, January 6, 2011

Its the little reminders

Last night as I was sitting on the alphabet rug surrounded by antsy 5 year olds, Mattie was in my lap and Layla was resting her elbow on my knee. We were going around talking about prayer request and praise reports, mostly consisting of the new cat or the most recent lost tooth.  As everyone was taking their turn, Mattie pulled on my shirt and whispered something in my ear, “Ms. Laura, did you know that God is in Heaven? Did you know that He loves us? Did you know that we can pray to Him whenever we want?” For the next 15 minutes, my shirt was tugged and my ear heard the sweet whispers of who Mattie thought God was. My heart was filled with joy as I was once again reminded why I do what I do.
         As the class went on and we learned how God does not see our feet, our hair, our mind, but the deep desires and interest of our heart. We then had them search the classroom for pink hearts with the lessons verse, then they had white hearts that said "what does god see in my heart?" They drew pictures of different things, mostly their pets or mommy and daddy. But I left class with one major question:

What does God see in my heart? 

That's scary. 

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