Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Sometimes I wish I was better with my money. That way I could save and have this
So that sometimes when I see pictures like this, the yearning in my heart and the aching in my insides could do more than just muster up and then disappear when I turn the page.  To actually do something about it. Even if it is just to hold them, squeeze them into love and tell that there is someone who knew them before they were born.  

Sometimes I write and write and write and no one ever sees it. 
Sometimes I speak in code.
Sometimes I think people can read my mind
Sometimes I wonder why someone would want to see it.
Sometimes I wonder who actually reads this thing. 


  1. Everyone feels like that at "sometime" or some point in their life. Sometimes I wonder if people actually hate me. I don't feel like I fit in with some people. I shouldn't care so much, but everyone wants to feel like they belong.

  2. I hate that feeling that people can read your mind...like you were thinking something completely awful and you look up and someone is looking at you and you KNOW they heard what you were thinking...
    Or at least that happens to me.