Tuesday, December 9, 2008


One of the things I have really enjoyed this semester is how much we have been able to experience the culture of Italy. This past weekend, I think I really got the full dose of that part of being here. Over the last few months, the church here has been putting together a Gospel Choir for the Christmas season. I can’t tell you how entertaining it has been, just to be part of it! When they asked the bible college to be involved we all thought it would be Christmas songs in Italian. Little did we know we would be reinacting “Sister Act” and singing about Jesus coming back on a white horse... in english. But what is amazing, is all the Italains, even with thier song sheets in phonetics casue they can’t speak english, are so excited about this!! We had 4 hour long practices (that were pretty entertainig) every saturday, all leading up to two concerts that we were putting on. This past weekend was the first and over 600 people showed up!! It was amazing. (Check out the pictures. Sadly, I can’t take credit for those. Kyle is the photographer on that one)  The Pastor was able to share the Gospel message with the whole crowd, and turns out the following Sunday at  church had a few more new faces than usual. 

After the events of Saturday, Sunday was our day of rest casue monday was going to be crazy! Two ladeis from the church, Silvana and Gabriella, wanted to teach us how to make home-made raviloli. So at 9 in the morning, the 6 hour long process started. Everything from rolling out the dough and pressing it, to folding over 300 pastas, our kitchen was packed with eagar  students wanting to learn and the Italians “talking”  and showing us what to do. It is always intresting to be in that atmosphere, casue even though only 2 out of the 15 people in the room spoke Italains, I don’t think I learned so much in that short of time. With Silvana and Gabriella not knowing english and none of us really knowing italian- the hand motions were necessary. 

By the time 3:00 came we were all ready with our full stomachs for the afternoon nap.  But our Italain adopted mothers had other plans. The worship leader in the church was playing the violin for an Italian Opera concert that night and he had invited all of us to go. We were leaving at 4. So we drank one more shot of espresso, changed clothes, and got in the car. The concert was in an old Catholic church (everything is held in an old Catholic church) and was beautiful!  

My stomach was full, the music was soothing and the eye lids were getting a heavy. The weekend was a success and it was full of memories I will never forget. Check out the pictures I put of thanksgiving, our concert, and the cooking day. 

God Bless all and thanks for everything!

I leave in 13 days to come back to the states!!



  1. hey girl!! yea we just started this blog thingy to keep in touch. it was fun to read about your adventures :) Merry Christmas! and happy new year! 2009!!