Friday, June 5, 2009

Go forth

“I am given hope that I may remember how to walk across the water.” Journal entry November 5, 2008

Coffee cup number two of the morning is brewing in the kitchen and the dogs are resting at my feet. Looking out the window the rain steadily continues to pulsate to the ground. The bible open next to me and my blackberry not too far out of reach- all my addictions are in place. (with Phil Whickam serenading me). I am trying to enjoy the peace and quiet that surrounds me, knowing what is coming.

Do you ever get the urge to coop yourself up with Jesus? And don’t tell me you are always conversing with Him- your lying. We are all human and live in a world that likes to bully us with dirt and filth. But do you ever, honestly just desire not to leave your sanctuary? Today I am sitting in the kitchen and just enjoying being untouched. For right now, I can relax and just be who God made me and spend time with Him. I don't have to sit up straight (sorry dad), suck in my tummy, worry if my hair is frizzy, and sometimes I actually sing really really loud! Yet I know the reality. I have to leave the front door. I know that in about an hour or so I have to make myself presentable to the outside (cause you will stare), and go forth into the realm of the enemy. BUT (I LOVE that word) when I get dressed this morning,not only will I put on my clothes, do my makeup, try and tame my hair, but I will also put on my armor. I will put on my breastplate of righteousness and I will prepare my feet with the Gospel. Above all- I will have my shield of faith which will protect me against the wickedness that we fight everyday. My helmet of Salvation will be securely renewing my mind and thoughts and my Spirit will be sharper than any two-edged sword. I will walk through the front door- insecure in my own right, but confidant that I will boldly stand in our Protector. I will not turn my back to the evil principalities but I will face them in valiant trust.

Here we go....

“...that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.” 2 Corinthians 4:7


  1. Wow Laura, I wish we could have spent time together when we were able too! I just came inside from my sanctuary, out on the deck reading my bible in the sunshine and periodically stopping to watch the sparrows working on their nests. I love watching the birds, it reminds me of how clever our God is. I also would like to stay in my sanctuary all the day long but I know I can't! I know that the word tells us to go forth and be ambassadors of righteousness. I have been working on something with my fiance: make a concerted effort every 10 minutes to be thinking of the Lord, thanking Him, dwelling on Him, praising Him, anything every ten minutes out of everyday. I thought it would be easier than it is! I was so sure that I had a lifestyle centered around the Lord and now it is making me stop and take my eyes off of me every ten minutes and focus them where they belong.

    Keep writing, I love your blogs!

  2. I needed to read that today! The Lord is using you Laura. Even when you want it to be just you and Him. You are touching the hearts of people all over.

    Keep writing! Love it girly!

  3. Melody!! That is a really cool idea- every 10 minutes? I might try that!

    And amber- thank you. I miss you.

  4. blessed. God has given you a gift Laur. Your such an encouragment.
    I love you best friend!

  5. Laura,

    Thank you so much for that little devo! It was so good for me to hear that, it was so refreshing! I'm so grateful for the Body of Christ, and my sisters and brothers in the Lord. Lifting each other up, pouring out our hearts& passions fr the edifying of the Body! Anyways, I really hope that everything is going so good, and I hope that morning was so beautiful! You're a blessing in my life Laura Jean. Thank you.