Monday, June 1, 2009

Wedding Day

My heart had finally slowed down and the reminder to not lock my knees was dancing around in my head. The bouquet of flowers was starting to weigh in my arms and that is when I had to catch my breath. As one of my best friend came walking down the aisle, veil covering her gorgeous face, I couldn’t help but realize that Becca was becoming a wife. She was no longer about to be one, but she was becoming part of one. It wasn’t but an hour ago, that it started clicking for her that she was getting married! The day that every little girl plans since they were 5 was coming a reality.
As they were exchanging their promises of love and sanctity, I felt the goose bumps go up my arms. This is what we all were waiting for. As I started to reminisce on the past few days, I just kept smiling.
I had arrived in Washington D.C. with a bit of discouragement in my own heart and within my own life. But once again I was reminded how personal our God is. He knew exactly the words, the friends, the atmosphere I needed. I now contained a renewed joy and enthusiasm as I stood there, looking at Becca and Paul give not only their lives, but their marriage over to glorify the Lord. The ceremony was an intimate time of worship and remembrance of how our Father views His bride. We were all reminded, once again, how our lives are to represent His love towards us.

But then.... it was time to party! We ended the night with many dances (including the bridal party specialty of the Virginia Real) and many traditions. I honestly don’t think I have had that much fun in a long time. Here are a few captured shots of the big day!

The groomsman

The Bridal party after the Big Finale!

My girls that I love!

Aren't they precious?

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  1. Beautifully written. <3 God has a wonderful story written for you Laura! He is good!