Tuesday, September 14, 2010


There are many things and ideas I am always bouncing around in my head.
One is my own baking shop, cafe or something of the sort. Lately it has been pie.

Thats right- a pie shop.

Did you know that outside of a lil shop in Crawfordville (that doesn't even specialize in pie) there is no pie shops in the Big Bend area? No place you can go, grab a piece of cool key lime goodness, a cup of coffee and chat.

If I had a pie shop I would name it "Laura Jeans" 

It would have to consist of at least 2 design elements:

A wall full of books! 
Everything from Jane Austen to Stephanie Meyer to Tolken to Moses. 

And then, bare brick. There is something timeless and classic about looking at a bare brick wall and knowing it is seeping with history and is yearning to tell stories of its own. 

At this wondrous pie shop, there would be cozy chairs, over stuffed love seats and a mood that sparks thought and enables an escape. 

But, most importantly we would have Pie. 

Spring would be filled with chilled Key Lime and a zest of Lemon Meringue  

Summers would over flow with the classic crispness of Apple pies dripping with a la mode. 

The Autumn falls, so would the Pumpkin and Pecans.

As the Holidays approached, Cheesecake and Razzelberries would keep us warm. 

Of course we have warm quiche, cute lil pies, and
 all the espresso you could obtain without dropping your fork.



  1. LOVE IT!!!! Thats awesome....we would totally hang out in Pie shop all the time!!!

  2. Would they have sugar-free or splenda pies? I love pie, especially homeade! It would be great to eat pie and read books. Or just hang out. Sounds trendy!

    I am totally there.