Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Just because its a slow day at work... and I am a Curious George.

1. What is your favorite band right now? (can even be a Pandora station)

2. When you are not feeling too hot and you are forced to suck it up and go about your day- what do you crave as a comfort?

3. Favorite "dang it, I am having a fat day" outfit.

4. If there was nothing holding you back- what would you do with your life?

5. Secret talent you wished you had?

6. good book lately?

7. pet-peave you can never let yourself do

8. name on things that you are looking forward to.

9. half empty or half full?

10. are you a dreamer or a realist?


  1. 1. Red

    2. Ice Cream or Coffee depending on what time of day.

    3. Since I'm 37 weeks pregnant that's every outfit I have! :)

    4. Travel the world.

    5. The ability to draw and paint well.

    6. I try not to read much right now as I am seriously addicted to reading and would ignore my children in favor of a good book.

    7. Say supposubly instead of supposedly.

    8. Go diving as soon as I can after having our little man!

    9. half full

    10. a little of both right now...I am naturally a dreamer, but as a mom you have to learn to be realistic sometimes.

  2. 1)I would say right now Sara Bareilles is liftin up the corners of my mouth :)

    2)I crave hugs. I become a cling on haha

    3) Sweat pants, socks, and a hoodie--hair in a pony tail for sure

    4) I would start a camp that was half work/half devotion oriented, plus travel everywhere with my best friend

    5) I wish I could draw/write really pretty

    6) Psalms. Particularly 34 and 86 at the moment

    7) I do this finger tapping thing that I really am trying not to get in the habit of. And asking people if they're alright too much

    8) Feeling sure of where God has me right now..

    9) Half full, though sometimes I get thirsty and take a swig here and there (metaphorically of course)

    10) I dream but am sometimes scared to