Sunday, May 15, 2011

Be careful what you pray for

Idle: To pass time doing nothing. To move, loiter, or saunter aimlessly
Its amazing how easy it is to get here. How you don’t even realize that you have come to the dangerous place of wandering aimlessly.  It’s been a whirlwind theses past few months that I don’t even think I knew I was in. Things are changing, prayers are being answered and the anxiety of “oh crap what am I doing?!” is starting to settle in as well as the realization that I am moving forward. 

 Be careful what you pray for…He answers.

You pray Lord lead me, God guide me. And ultimately we all know what we are called to do: Love Him. Love Folks. But we get stuck in the middle of the question that haunts the back of our thoughts continuously. Some days it is more prominent than others and we never have an answer. Our minds are stalked by the wandering ideal of “what do I do NOW? God where do you want me today?”

I have so many dreams, desires, and unwritten adventures that I have not even begun to scratch. The restlessness can be crippling at times and yet pushes me to get off the couch.  We have to constantly be reminded that He knows better. When you feel as if you have been left behind in the dust, you just have to remind yourself there is a bigger stage to conquer. One with the perfect harvest and the bountiful blessings that will flow because you were obedient to the life put before you.

“I have a plan for you. Its gonna be wild. Its gonna be great. Its gonna be full of me.”

Open the Doors and lead me through.

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  1. I feel like we are 2 peas in a pod right now. I loved this and love you :)