Monday, May 16, 2011

Laura and Andy

If anyone has heard me get on my soap box about…well anything really. I usually end up referring to Andy Stanley at some point in my rant.

Right now at his church, he going through this new series. I think I have told everyone and their grandmother to go listen to this. He reminds you of evident truths that leave you scratching your head and thinking “well duh, but why didn’t that register before?”  He brings up topics and points out how it can be and is ultimately supposed to be.

As I was listening to it the other day I realized where he got all his amazing wisdom from: ME!

For example:

Andy in front of his mega church in downtown Atlanta: Its not finding the right person, its becoming the right person. You want to be the person who you are looking for, is ultimately looking for.

Laura at Crosswild: If you want that guy, you have to be that girl. You want a solid Christian guy- be that girl. You can’t want a 10 but be a 3. You wont settle? Neither will he.

Told ya ;)

Now go LISTEN.... 

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