Thursday, December 1, 2011


" me for every scene and circumstance; stay my mind upon thee and turn my trials to blessings, that they may draw out my gratitude and praise as i see their design and effects. Render my obedience to thy will holy, natural, and delightful. me to cultivate a disposition that renders every duty a spiritual privilege. Thus I may be content be a glory to thee and an example to others."

My eyes fall to my feet, as they stumble over Yours. The perfection of this dance, as You lead me through, leaves me breathless. Your hand gently draws my face back to Yours, as our eyes fixate on the reality that You are shepherding my aisle.
I desire to get lost in You.
To rest in You.
To move when You move.

You lead me gracefully as I step on Your toes and You guide me with understanding as I once again, look down to watch my feet. I am reminded that it is not me who is leading- as much as I desire to take over. The anticipation of where I am going- where you are leading me- makes my heart race. I am reminded that You are in control. You are leading me and that leaves me in Your refuge of security and protection.
You are strong and I am weak.
My flesh fails, as Your spirit over takes my heart. I must keep my eyes fixated on Your face, to trust in Your leading. My arms become weak and being to falter, but You hold them up with divine strength. I continue to lose myself in You- my feet move to Yours, my ways become Your ways. I may have perfected this dance, but You took me where I needed to go.

lead me.

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