Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yes- we had matching tshirts.

Families like mine dont exist. I am convinced we are...special. You should be jealous.

Lets start from the beginning:

It started with these two love birds. Going on 53 years of marriage, they have truly set the foundation in our family. Anyone who meets them cant help but love them.

 Then came these 3. And you wonder where me and my Brothers get it from:

Then (and we will start with the oldest) this one:

 Met and fell in love with this lady (not the baby. she comes later. but the pretty woman holding her)
They went to chapel. got married and then came baby. or...3

 Then from those 3, these 2 met, fell in love, got married and now I have a sister.

 NOW, in the midst of that, the daughter of the original couple met, fell in love and got married as well. Thus we have these 3:
And finally- the youngest also met, fell in love, got married and he had GIRLS! We love spoiling the new editions.

All caught up? told you you'd be jealous.

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

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