Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Living Room

    The sidewalk is familiar as I make my way to the front door. For majority of my existence this has been what I have considered home. Tonight is no different, although what is taking place is something I have only been able to dream of. I open the front door and am greeted by the familiar faces that have grown accustomed to this Tuesday routine. Habit sets in and we gather around the coffee pot in the kitchen, waiting for the stragglers to show. The last few weeks we have had some new faces and the encouragement of the contagious event is starting to make way. It seems one person comes and then the next week they bring someone else and the pattern just continues. As the half hour approaches we make our way to the living room, taking a seat in what seems comfortable. The new recruits are still a bit in the dark and you can tell the hesitancy is there- but its masked by the anticipation of what they have heard.

Tonight has been our biggest crowd as they start to spill into the hall and some onto the foyer.I take a quick count... just for fun... 18 tight. 18 strong.

We gather around as we open in prayer and the sound of the guitar starts to lead us. Prayers begin, praise is sung, and we Encounter the One who desires us. This is our refuge. The battle is hard, the fight is strong, and it seems to be never ending. But this? This is a refuge and mighty fortress of restoration.

Curious? You should join us in The Living Room

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