Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Staring all around. Encircling in. Their backs are what shield them from the glory of perfection. The heart breaks and the ground feels the heavy tears fall. They are all so blinded to what is in their grasp. They don’t see the jealousy raging inside. The jealousy of a fervent desire to see their faces. Do they know what they are doing? Do they see the broken, man-made, conditional possessions they have put before them? It will fail them. Their own dreams and desires drive them to turn away, yet if only they could let go. If only they knew the compromise they were making. They will not leave behind a legacy of significance, but of worldly praise. Little do they not know the eternal glory of surrender. Oh that they would let go. And that’s all they must do. Let. So much easier to let go then to keep holding on. They are drowning in their own vitality, gasping for a breath they don’t realize is already there. They strive to make it to shore, yet all they need to do is stop struggling. They suffer and fight for their own perfection. Yet to survive all they need to do is give up. No need to drown. No need to squander for ideals. All they must do is turn.

The fingers begin to quiver as the moisture of the hands cause them to slip. Will they give up the fight of their failing idols? The struggle continues, as their flesh fights back but continues to get weaker. There is no power that will make them let go. True love and devotion comes when it is an act of the free choice and not of power. Yet the jealousy of unconditional love is driving the cry of salvation. Seeing them struggle in their own blood, the heart cries out to “Live!"

“Time of love” came upon you. Your heart was finally softened. All this time you hung by your fingertips to something that was going to fail, yet right behind you was the Living Water. Your face continued to look down, knowing that even though the desire to look upon the Magnificent burned within you, the shame of your brokenness drenched you with humility. Still guilt ridden of your blood and filth, the coolness of the clean water washed over your body. You became clean, and new, as if it never happened. Naked and ashamed, the oil sanctified your soul and you know this is when

“You became MINE”

Ezekiel 16

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