Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I sit. My heart is racing and I cant seem to stay still. I start to ask what is happening to me? Before the thought finishes racing across my head, I knew the answer. I enter in and realize how deprived I was. Dry and weak- I had been fighting a battle and I was weary.

"It wasn't enough for You to save my soul, set me free and make me Whole.
But You had a plan for me, A destiny for my life...."

But the question remains: What is it? Where Am I going?

"For me, it isn't enough to take your name, accept your gift and remain the same.
I want to honor you and bless you all of my days"

But Your fire burns within and I cant help but surrender. Lord to see this sleeping generation arise, knowing we are no longer forsaken into the darkness. But that we are able to lift our eyes and see Your glory on the earth. Arise.


  1. No but really I do. I have an overwhelming complacency growing in me taking over the passion that used to live there...
    You live in Florida yes? I go there sometimes.