Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have a problem. I love to read. But as time goes on and I run out of reading my favorite books (fiction and non fiction alike) over again, I have the hardest time finding new material! I go the "christian" section of Borders and I am faced with 2 options: either a watered down "everything is perfect with Jesus and if you give me money" book or ones that I really question is the author has ever read the Bible. So I venture out into the more "secular" sections and am bombarded with Vampires who wish they were Edward Cullen and sappy romance novels that cause my stomach to churn. Oh how I wish there was something new and fresh out that wouldn't make my brain go to mush, but would cause me to think and step outside my realm of reality.

Who knows... maybe its me.


  1. I know what you mean. Want some book suggestions? I like historical fiction type books. Here are some good ones: A.D. Chronicles by Thoene, Mark of the Lion series by Rivers, Chronicles of the Kings series by Austin. Got any suggestions for me? I'm bookless at the moment.

  2. maybe this means you just need to start writing your book. =]

  3. :P i have 3 books ryt now i so wanna read but i just cant find the time. anyways i do have a bit of fiction on my blog.

  4. Tara- I love francine rivers and the mark of the lion series. Have you "redemming love"? If not you can borrow my copy. AMAZING! And right now I'm reading "the hour I first believed" about a teacher who was in the colombine shooting. I will let you know how that is. Lol

    And meg- very funny.

  5. We could make a deal, I send you my favorite books and you send me yours? I also am running low in the good literature dept.
    I think it would be great! Like a long distance book club.