Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This is the calm before the storm. My life is about to get ridiculous. And not to say these past few weeks haven’t been, but now is time it all comes to reality. Just to let my fellow bloggers aware of the events that God has placed in my life:

1. I got a car. Let me rephrase that, I BOUGHT a car. Yep, my first adult purchase was made this past Tuesday and now the pretty little car that I can really call mine is sitting in the driveway. It may seem like a small stepping stone to some, but it was a big leap for Laura Jean.

2. My little brother (who, when people ask me how old he is, I still picture him as a 10 year old) is going to the CC worship school next week. This whole thing was a down right, cant call it anything other than what it is, miracle. Not because Jordan might not have gotten excepted (if anyone has been to Calvary Chapel service in the past year, you will know that is not the case), but because we (as in my parents) didnt know how it was all going to come together. Yet, once again God was guiding us the whole time. Through out the whole process, I think everyone in my family was a little tense and stressed.... except my dad. If you had asked him the day we found out Jordan was getting scholarships what he felt inside, he would of said “today is the day.” I don't know about you Pops, but I felt relief, excitement and was telling God is was about dadgum time! But no, not my dad. I asked him why he wasnt more relieved- he responded with “if wasn't today, it would be tomorrow. I never for a second doubted God wouldn’t provide.”

3. Once we return from taking Jordan to Ft. Laurderdale, I move in with one of my good friends, Beth. (within 6 months my parents will have gone from all 3 living at the house, to none. Mom is going to have to get a dog) I have lived on my own before, but never in town. Going to be something to get used to.

4. FSU FOOTBALL SEASON! I have not been in town for a FSU season in 3 years! I am excited for this one to start. The tailgating, the excitement, the never-ending bleeding of garnet and Gold- even when we aren't all that good. But, just as every other fan, I will remain optimistic.

5. Wedding number two! I will be heading to Northern California for my friend Jamie’s wedding and am so excited! Not only will I get to stand next to her and be part of her special day, but selfishly I am excited to see many of my CCBC friends (including my bestie Meg). Some of these people I haven't seen in over a year and it will be good to be around them. I know there will be an abundance of laughter and amazing memories and let me tell you.. I need it!

I look at my list, and realize how blessed I truly am. These past few weeks have been anything but easy and I am so excited to see what all the Lord has in store. Lots of changes, but I have to remind myself how in the midst of it all, God is still God and I am always surprised at where He takes me.


  1. LJ, i'm so happy to see your optimisim come through in this blog. i know things have been tough, and you've been keeping a good face in front of everyone, but its nice to know on the inside you can find joy as well!
    get excited b/c i love football season too! and get even more excited b/c i will be living .8 miles away from you next month :) you won't even need to drive your fancy new car over... we can walk to hangout!

  2. wait- your moving?! Closer to me!
    YES! you and moses (and davy) can come over whenever your little heart desires!!!

    ooo im excited.

    love you