Tuesday, January 12, 2010


2. Capture

I love stories. And I love to repeat stories. Some (like my older brother) cant watch a movie more then once or read a book over and over again. Me on the other hand- I have probably watched “Pride and Prejudice” a least once a week, have read my favorite books numerous times and love hearing the same stories told over and over. I will admit- after awhile all chick-flicks have the same premise and all Westerns remind me of Tombstone. But there is something about a story. I love the fact that I ge to go back in time and enter into a false reality. For just a glimpse of my day I get the chance to be someone else entirely. I get to live in a land of Vampires and Werewolves. I get to dream about Mr. Darcy and his arrogant deceit. For just a moment- I get to escape what I veiwe as normal and every-day.
This year though, I am going to capture. If you know me you may think that I already do that- my over stuffed journal at my bedside and my iphoto containing over 4,000 items from the past year alone might prove your point. The difference may be subtle- yet it is there. I no longer want to just have written down a few memories and snapped a few smiling faces. I want to capture. To capture this moment and to realize it tells a story. To understand and relish in the fact that this is my story. The pictures, the moleskins full of random notes, the endless journals that will be overflowing with details and memories all create a story. My story could be someone else’ escape. It could be their false reality, where they get to escape their everyday and normal lives.

I want to capture my story. For who else to better tell the story then me?

This is my motion for change.


  1. wow girl, this is amazing. You are amazing, please please, keep it up.

  2. I love reading. Jane Austin, she is lovely. Although my classic is Sense and Sensibility (even though I love Pride and Prejudice). Do you write stories as well? Beyond what you mentioned have you written stories? I love to write them but rarely share them with anyone because they are to silly!
    Girl...you want you to come visit because it would be grand! Except maybe it would be boring (but not likely), like talking to myself! lol