Saturday, January 9, 2010

Motion for Change

Whenever January 1st starts to sneak its way onto our calendars, the first thing we all think of is how we are going to fail at something we tell ourselves is going wrong in our lives that needs to be resolved. Weather we will strive to finally lose those 10 pounds, start going to church more regularly, or being more involved with the Family. Whatever our resolutions may be (written down or just thought of)- everyone knows that majority of people fail at them. I have heard some people say they “don’t do that.” Yet if you think about it- even if we don’t write them down and post them on our mirror- in our thoughts we come up with a list of things we would see change. And as 2009 came to a close (thank the Lord) and 2010 was starting (thank the Lord) I realized that, unlike the years past, I wanted to write down what I thought and try my darndest to keep them.

So that morning I sat down with Jesus and started to asked: “what needs to change?”
This is what I came up with:

1. spend QUALITY time
2. Capture
3. bake and cook more
4. Stop looking
5. Ireland

This is my motion for change. My ideals of what I am hoping and praying will keep 2010 going stronger and better then the years past. As part of number 2 , I am GOING to expound more on all of these in the days to come. and hopefully we can see what will come of this unforeseen year.

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