Friday, January 22, 2010

Bake and Cook

To the few and rare blog reader: so sorry for the delay in #3 of this series. My beloved Mac decided to kick the boot. I have been computer-less and usually write at home in the evenings. Now I will have to squeeze it into my work week on this crap PC at work. J

3. Bake and Cook More

Most people have some sort of hobby, habit, gravitational pull to something that lets them escape. For me- its food. No, I am not an emotional eaters that when I get depressed I reach for the pint of Ben and Jerry’s. I am talking about the kitchen. The pots, the pans, the spices, the caramelized onions and the smell of fresh baked pastries.

I LOVE to bake and cook. For whatever reason I have this weird world I can escape into and the juices just start flowing. I watch “Julie and Julia” the other night- I am Julie. (although that was A LOT of butter!)

So this year- I am motioning to bake and cook more. Time is an issue- but I think for others, my sanity and just the fact that its fun (And good) I need to make the time.

I made a homemade apple pie the other day and gave it to our neighbors. I think they enjoyed it. Next on the list is Chocolate Croissants.

This is my motion for change.


  1. this is something that i want to do more of too! we should get together and bake sometime (maybe when you come visit) ;).

  2. I really love your 3 NY resolutions (or non resolutions). Something about baking is theraputic and if I could stop myself from eating everything I bake, I would bake A LOT MORE. My dream is to master a croissant so I would love any pointers you have once you make your chocolate ones :)

  3. I just made caramelized onions with fried Zucchini, talk about yum! Earlier today it was gluten free banana muffins to match my gluten free diet requirement, and they were wonderful!

  4. I love experimenting with recipes. I never make anything exactly according to directions! It's so fun.