Monday, July 26, 2010

If I won

..the lottery, and there werent starving people in Africa, Haiti and all over the world I would buy something. Ok, ok i would tithe and give some to the family. BUT, even if I didnt win the lottery and just had a few extra grand laying around (cause you know, it happens) I would get this:

and this:

and schedule to work out with them.. every day!

Ok. Back to the budget.


  1. If I win you can count on me buying you the first two + a hot local guy to train you (husband potential, of course!):)

  2. Good choices! It would be awesome to have those two to kick my butt into gear every day! You should start a little savings fund for these things. Put some money away from every paycheck until you have enough for the camera or the Macbook. About the famous physical trainers... ehhh... that may take awhile. LOL

  3. I like Carolines take better. :)