Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Everyone has a demon. Especially on the days that when your pants are a little too tight, you’ve cried twice before lunch and you just cant stop sweating (thank you Florida heat).

Today my demon was lurking in the corner, in the deep recesses of my mind and it all came to blows around 1:30 this afternoon. I stood there, in the lobby awaiting my turn to choose my destiny. I decided to go with choice number two- hold the pickles. I thought today (as I reminded myself of the tightness of my pants around Henry)I would have the strength to resist the temptation.

Oh how our mind likes to deceive itself.

As I made my way back to my desk I realized that I should have gone with number 9 option and all temptation would have been avoided. I pulled the little black box from the paper bag and spread the demon’s cousin onto the warm chicken. They gave me enough lettuce today to make it protein style, and with that comes many positive reactions- especially physically. As I placed the 2 pieces of wheat poison together my thoughts were deep in battle.

“You will regret this.”

“Yes, but you deserve it!”

“It’s not worth it!”

“You’ve worked too hard lately, you deserve some compensation”


“Do it.”

I did it.

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