Monday, July 26, 2010

My Fleece

Gideon was a man of valor. He was a smart warrior and a mighty man who was used in the bible to bring God's people victory.

He was also a doubter. He hid in the winepress and threshed wheat. God asked him to do something he saw as impossible. Gideon questioned the path God had put before him. He wondered how, when and why. Gideon doubted, but he was honest about it.

He doubted and then sought after an asnwer.

“Before I lead any attempt at conquering the Midianites, I must be filled with Your Spirit, Lord. I lay out my life as a fleece before You. Saturate me. Drench me.
Flood me with Your Spirit, or I cannot go.”

Gideon laid out his fleece and God proved himself in might, yet Gideon still had doubt and once again he prayed,

“Lord, I want a second understanding of this situation. Even should my own life become dry, I want the ground round about me, the lives next to me, the work connected to me to go on in the anointing and power of Your Spirit. Even if I should dry out, dry up, or fail, Lord I want Your name to be glorified and Your work to be done.”

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