Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jemima June

Its almost been a week since I said my goodbyes to Missouri and made my way back to the humid arm pit known as Tallahassee. (Im not being dramatic. I promise.)

Not seeing this part of my family nearly enough, it is always nice to get to spend enough time that you get past the barrier of "I am a guest in your house and you have to entertain me." You know it is quality time with you can sit on the back porch looking at j.crew and Pottery Barn magazines while enjoying a cup of coffee. Or go to dinner and almost lose your food over the laughter of talking about Modern Family. In my case I have memories of playing "hot or cold" in the basement playroom with the cutest 5 year old I have ever met! However, holding my 4 days old baby cousin was the icing on the cake.

Me and Jemima June Colle

Family Evening walk, and we didnt sweat! 

Me and Tallulah Grace! 

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