Monday, June 6, 2011


If we live truly, we shall see truly. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Not everyone wants to travel the world, but most people can identify at least one place in the world they’d like to visit before they die. Where is that place for you, and what will you do to make sure you get there?
(Author: Chris Guillebeau)

I have my list.  You can find it here. Only don’t worry- it is not complete and is added to daily.
Not everyone wants to travel the world” may be true for some but I am not that person. 

I have only conquered 6% of the world and that makes me sad and oh-so excited.

How will I get there? Well I am 23, life has just begun.

My problem is that I cant go somewhere and just be a tourist. (I are refuse to be apart of those groups of 50 all wearing neon orange fanny packs as they follow the obnoxious person with the mega phone) I have to turn into a local and I have to leave a mark. I have had people tell me I should apply for the "Amazing Race", yet I would lose. I would get to some poverty stricken village in the middle of a random country and want to put every single shoe-less child in my backpack. I would be the last to arrive at the end of every day cause I had made friends with a local woman and I wanted to watch her cook dinner for her family. I would have to stop at the local bakery and try every type of coffee. You would find me sitting in the middle of a cafe on the busiest street, being surrounded by the lives of complete strangers and not understanding a word they are saying.  

Some days, I want to grab my passport and head anywhere.   

I am 23, life has just begun.

Where God Guides, God Provides. 

Thank you Pops for showing me this: #Trust30 is an online initiative and 30-day writing challenge that encourages you to look within and trust yourself. Find out more at

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