Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Give up.

Obedient:  complying with or submissive to authority
It’s amazing what happens when you are obedient. I had come to the point of treading, struggling so hard just to keep my head above water. Once I had gotten to the point of futile exhaustion, my lungs began to fill with fresh air as I felt the lifting of my spirit. 
Now, here I sit in a world I never thought would be part of my realm. Yet God continues to speak, reveal, lead and fill me with the utter urgency to seek Him. 
Today, we sat in the lobby, me behind my desk and her on the misplaced red sofa. We talked of things eternal and worldly. Everything from our lack of understanding of what Heaven will be like, to the utter excitement that we can take heart in our eternal salvation. 
We have a future and hope. Lets not take that for granted. Lets share it with the world. 

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