Thursday, September 22, 2011

Morning Conversation

This is a typical conversation between me and my Dad. 

Me: Good Morning!
Pops: Howdy!
How are you? I am busy today!
I prayed for you this morning...and of course for a man.
Thank you. The new Needtobreathe is really good. Oh, and the new MuteMath video is out today. Watch it here. 
Mighty Fine. Thank you. When does the cd come out?
I want to say October
You can. I won't mind.
You said you "wanted to say October" I was giving you Permission
Oh. ha ha ha. 

and it continues....

I love him.
I dont think every girl's future husband is prayed for by her dad, shares the same intrest in music (sometimes) and even though the jokes have to be explained at times, they are funny.

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