Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekend Wrap up

It was an off week for the Noles so no football pictures this week. (I know, your SO disappointed.)

However- we did have some good times:

FRIDAY: With 2 family birthdays this past week we needed to do a little celebration. Getting a gift card to a local favorite, the whole family was able to go to Bella Bella and eat for 4 dollars! (including the famous bubble bread for appetizers) Sorry the picture is... interesting. I was laughing and Jordan had his teeth out. Classy we are.

SATURDAY: We started off painting for this weekend. Sorry girls, this is all the preview you get. 

We then had our church 25th Anniversary party, where I had to dip out a little early to go to an engagement party! It was outside and I wore sandals. Fail. But the food was good and I got to spend some time with these two. (and yes, we are in space.)

SUNDAY: I love sundays. This sunday was particularly special cause both, yes BOTH of my brothers were leading worship that morning. I loved it and it was truly amazing. Then it was sunday lunch at mom and dad's followed by quality conversation and coffee with my Dad. 

Now its tuesday. 

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