Thursday, October 27, 2011

Simple Things.

The creative diversity that makes up my family is pretty evident in all of our lives. The guitars, the voices, the writing, the chairs on the wall on the back porch. It flows in and out and its something that I have been consumed in my whole life. For years, I was surrounded by all the elements of art and creativity. Yet the gene that is so prominent in my brothers and parents, has seemed to skip me. I cant carry a tune and the farthest I have gotten in my artistic ability is probably a stick figure. As the years and moments have passed, my love for all things creative grows and amplifies- I just cant seem to do it myself.

Then one day it hits me- I may not play the guitar, be able to draw a fancy picture or paint a mural. But what I can do, what I am natural at and seems to trend in my own life: are the simple things. I have come to realize the simple post-it note on the mirror in the morning can change someone’s day. The simple coffee cup on the front porch, or the conversations we have as we run through the neighborhood, are cultivating the relationships beyond what is our own doing. The warmth that exudes from the home as the simple knowledge that whoever it is- feels welcome.

God created us to be relational beings- its why he longs to have relationship with us and why relationships have a greater effect on us then we realize. I believe the creativity of cultivating relationships and fostering the idea that there is beauty and art in the act of watching someone bloom. I am pushed, pursued, and filled by stories and lives. To know that the simple act of love is just that- simple. We cant save the world, but we can change the people within our days with the foundation of simple love.

Embrace the creative act of friendship and the art that lies in the simple things. 

Inspired by: Art House

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