Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Becoming ripe

[Am I allowed to use this to vent? Sure. Why not? The worst that could happen is that you stop reading while my words still hang in the blogging world.]


So often, me included, we catch ourselves being dead. There is nothing worse then going through the motions and not feeling anything. It amazes me how often we put the needs of humans above the call in which God has put on our lives: to glorify Him. As humans we are naturally selfish and think about ourselves. And as Christians we are taught to serve others and have our eyes on anyone but ourselves. But where is our ultimate focus? So often, we see a physical need that must be met, but are we really doing it to honor Him?

What is serving if it cost us nothing? What is giving if we gave up nothing? How ever much you sacrifice, shows how much it is worth. Jesus came to this earth to heal the sick, so that is where we ought to be found. He came and sacrificed all because He believed we were worth it. Yet how often do we sit in the seats of our churches, listen to the words being spoken and just leave? We come, "sit and soak" yet we are too often that of an undevoted pretender. We come and show love with our lips, yet our hearts are pursuing something else entirely.
Sit and soak. But don't start to drip.

[ok. I'm done. off my soap box now.]

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  1. Hey girl. I read your blog, and what you are saying is right. So be encouraged, and know that He is speaking to you, even if the truth is a harsh reality. Our Savior was called a Man of Sorrows, and rightfully so. As He was here, could you imagine the sadness He could have felt just by sitting and watching people as they passed by? Especially with the ability to see every intent of every heart of every person He came in contact with? What you said in the beginning "...me included..." is actually the most humbling of all. His grace, His love, His faithfulness is unimaginable, especially when you look at the subjects to which they are given. You are a woman of God because of His Spirit and His grace. Thank you Miss Laura Jean for being faithful to Him, so that others may see, and glorify your Father in heaven. I see it.

    Your brother in Christ Jesus,