Wednesday, November 18, 2009

visions of memories

Fish, the southern way.

These one really makes me happy

And this little domestic one as well.

This picture sums up our theology class. Yet I miss it.

Big Brosuf. Lil Brosuf.

Dont you wish we were your neighbors?

Best Birthday Ever.

[[the four]]

My favorite.

Wish fall was like this.

And winter like this.

My craving everyday.

I want to be like them when I grow old.


I get to see her soon!

Part of my heart was left at this wall.


  1. :] this made me happy.
    your 'favorite' was the best day of my life. baptisim 4th semester.

    p.s. fall is like that here
    and winter is like that just a short hour away. did i mention theres great coffee? have i talked you into it yet??!! :]
    and the four= my favorite.

  2. Seriously, my heart is left in Jerusalem as well. In the old city, by Jaffa Gate and the tower of david.

  3. Melody- we would take our cafe hillel or aroma coffee and just walk along the old city walls. The rooftops were my favorite.