Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Christian Life Support

Jesus didn't have a Church. Jesus didn't have an organization. He wasn't hooked up to life support, with some organization providing a pamphlet telling him how to do ministry. He had his community of disciples and He lived His life with the command God had given Him.

My community is weird. When I say weird I mean the majority of us are involved heavily in what the Christian world has deemed “ministry.” They are parts of amazing organizations that are being drenched in blessing and the fruit is abundant. But what I have been hit with lately is a question that seems to transcend some of our deeds.

What would happen if all the churches, organizations, names and leader meetings disappeared? Would I still do what I do?

I was met with that challenge not too long ago. I realized I was at a place in my life where I wasn't attached to an IV of steadily streamed Christendom. I was no longer in the bubble of Bible College, working at the church or involved in full time “ministry.” If I didn't feel like going to church one morning, I didn't. If I wanted to drop my Jesus life all together, join the world and disappear, I could. There was no obligation, no meetings, no title holding me accountable. I had never felt so free yet so lost in my entire life.

The humility came when I realized how much I clung to my associations. So much pride was laced in my title or where I was on staff. But the beauty of fruit comes when the seeds are sown in purity. When there isn't association or a brand attached to what you’re doing. Nothing more than Jesus Himself.

When all the churches, organizations, names and leader meetings disappeared I was left with the simple realization that it was me and Jesus. No other person or group— nothing else. I was left with the life He had placed me in and what I was commanded to do: Love Him. Love Folks.

I had to realize that my ministry, our ministry, is not based on our association. It helps to have that support, to have that team. After all, Jesus had his disciples. Yet it’s knowing that I can do for one what I wish to do for everyone.

Inspired by 1 Corinthians 3

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